Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vendor Spotlight – Tastefully Wright

You may have seen mention of this vendor in a blog post or two in the past…  Denise (Wright) Fox, of Tastefully Wright, LLC has been providing sugary delights for our family and countless others with very lucky taste buds for close to two decades.

Tastefully Wright Cake How did you start your business?    Bringing sample cakes to work and practicing on fellow employees and family members.

How many years have you been in business?     17+

What makes you stand out from others?    Dedication, talent, inventiveness, price, and the willingness to do what others won’t.  “Taking the time to do it Wright”.


Butterscotch colored fondant, brown scrolls and bright sugar flowers - Bedford Village Inn

What's your favorite part of your work?    Creativity.  Being able to take what you design with the bride from a sketch to reality.  I’m always asked, “doesn’t it hurt to see the cake you’ve worked so hard on, cut into”.  Not at all, each cake is a learning experience, making future cakes even better.

Tastefully Wright CakeGrapevine three tiered cage decorated with orchids - Pat’s Peak

Are you seeing any trends emerge for the next season?    The “middle ground” is non-existent.  I’m seeing either earthy, birch bark, moss and twigs or lots of rhinestones and edible fabric swags……..long gone are the requests for “something simple”.  Also, brides use to attend taste tests and spend a lot of time pouring over photos and idea books, now they come with pictures they’ve downloaded ahead of time off the internet and specific ideas.

Tastefully Wright Cake First Day Of Spring – Bedford Village Inn

What's the single best piece of advice you can impart to a newly engaged couple?    Research is the key.  Research vendor reviews on line, research cake styles, colors, and timelines.  Think about how you’d like your cake table dressed (i.e. the cake stand, fabric on the table, candles, pictures, cake knife, etc.).   If what you like isn’t the current trend, but you get a warm feeling each time you see it, then that’s what’s right for you.  Ask other vendors for referrals, they know who is reliable and will go the extra mile for you on your special day.  And most importantly don’t follow the guidelines about ordering a cake 3 to 6 months out.  All of the members of my club operate out of their licensed home kitchens and can take just a few orders each weekend.  If you like the style of a certain baker, book at least one year out to secure them for your wedding day.  Also handy to know:  NH has just changed the laws surrounding home based decorators – if  the decorator makes under a certain amount of money per year they no longer have to register their business with the State or pay the yearly fee and are not inspected.  The only thing required is that they sell items with a label describing the ingredients and stating that “This baked item came from an uninspected kitchen”.    Something to think about when selecting a wedding cake.


Tastefully Wright CakeFresh flowers, sugar bark borders – Cobb Hill Estate

Pricing Information: Televised wedding segments and wedding magazines say that a wedding cake can cost thousands of dollars – yes – if you live in New York or California but in New England the average price of a quality four tier wedding cake runs between $500 - $800, not at all scary.  Please keep in mind that the owner of a business is also a parent or grandparent and truly does have your best interest and budget in mind.  If you’re happy with their service you’ll recommend them to  friends.  If you tell us you’re on a budget, ask about possible options.  Surprisingly, cupcake wedding cakes can cost more than a serving of wedding cake. 

Tastefully Wright Cake Spring green fondant, white sugar decorations - Bedford Village Inn

If you have any spare time, how do you spend it?  I help care for my mother three days a week and blog with members of a NH cake group I founded 7 years ago. But to truly unwind, I quilt.  Quilting relaxes my mind after a hectic decorating day so that I can fall asleep better and stop obsessing over how to make a certain sugar flower, or how to create a grooms cake in the shape of a FAX machine…….seriously. 

Anything you’d like to add?    Here’s a little secret that I’m sure you’ve already heard but I tend to bond with my brides for life, and their wedding cake is just the beginning of a long relationship filled with anniversary, birthday and special occasion cakes………….when you bond with someone you want to do something extra for them – so be nice to your vendors and you’ll be rewarded with exemplary service and a few pleasant surprises in your journey together.

Tastefully Wright CakeWhite butter cream and coral sugar peonies – The Smith Barn in Peabody

Your contact information:

email: foxden@tellink.net
phone: 603.654.9219
web site: www.nhweddingcakes.com
Facebook: Tastefully Wright
blog: http://weddingcakeadvice.blogspot.com/

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