Monday, April 29, 2013

Seasonal Fireplace Decor

This post is a bit overdue!  You may recall this same fireplace from posts past.  First as a holiday display, then as a late winter/early spring hybrid.  Here it is again as a true ode to spring.

Spring Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom

Seasonal Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom

You’ll recognize some of the same elements, namely the glass cylinders and burlap birds.

Spring Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom

Pam added river stones, moss, fern wraps and permanent botanicals to some of the existing cylinders. 

Spring Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom

Combine those elements with birch vases, tree slices and a few nests and you have a refreshed mantle!

Spring Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom  Spring Fireplace Decor | Ideas in Bloom

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013 – “Green” Wedding Flowers

Earth Day Network

It’s Earth Day!  Here at Ideas in Bloom, we strive to do our part for the environment and remain as green as possible while still providing our clients with the widest variety of cut flowers and designs available.  The cut flower industry isn’t the most environmentally friendly (flowers are shipped from all corners of the world year round) and we strive to make choices every day that help lesson our carbon footprint.  Here are our top five…

Recycling.  This goes well beyond reusing the flower boxes large orders come in or recycling the floral paper used to wrap bouquets.  We carry a large selection of unique rental items that not only allow our couples to cut costs, but ensure the multiple use.  Additionally, we always encourage clients to bring in their own, reused, containers around the holidays and tend to see the same family heirlooms year after year.

Living Decor.  Given Pam’s background in horticulture, it’s no surprise that we routinely provide plant decor for weddings and all other events.  From centerpieces to large installations, we’ve done it all.  In partnership with one of our growers, we also offer rental of larger trees and shrubs. Talk about impact!  Click here to see one of our collaborations.

Composting.  Retail florists often don’t have this option based on their geography, but as a independent studio in a more rural area, we actively compost all of our discarded floral material.  Our compost has even built a burm on which Pam installed a landscape!

Energy Efficiency.  During the busy wedding season our cooler hums, keeping all the flowers destined for celebration as fresh as can be.  When we don’t have events, we turn it off to save the energy and fuel.

Cutting Garden.  This is still a work in progress for us.  Each spring we hope to till more land to expand our gardens to include a true cutting field.  Sadly, it hasn’t happened yet, so for now we supplement our wholesale supplied flowers with blooms cut from Pam’s amazing existing gardens.  My favorite harvest are the Hosta leaves.  Gorgeous!

Have an Earth Day “resolution” or an unique way you stay green?  Share it with us here!


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Flowers

blush of spring | Ideas in Bloom

We’ve had a week full of great meeting with clients, vendors, venues and magazines alike!  Jo and I swung by the Boston Flower market to stock up on some beautiful blooms to bring along to our appointments.

fresh flowers | Ideas in Bloom

I combined white ranunculus, blush tulips, purple scabiosa, blush stock, fresh lavender, sword fern, and dusty miller in a hobnail jar to create a soft, springy arrangement.  The lavender made it smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

hobnail jar | Jacobson Spring wedding flowers | Ideas in Bloom

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love…is all we need

Clark Photography | Ideas in Bloom After a day like yesterday, it’s difficult to move past the shock, hurt, and anger to regain some sort of normalcy.  I think it’s safe to say that the majority of those in our community knew someone running or supporting those who did in downtown Boston yesterday.  I hope that you haven’t been directly impacted by the tragic events.  Those who have been are most certainly in our thoughts and are receiving our very best wishes as they cope with the aftermath of this senseless violence.

I don’t often use our blog as a soapbox.  This is a place of beauty, love, and general positivity.  However, I find it hard to stand silently by and not comment on the terrible actions that have caused the anguish of so many in our own backyard.  

There are many who offer some solace in times like these;  Bostonians opening their homes to stranded tourists, the words of Mr. Rogers, Patton Oswalt, etc.  Consider this my contribution for today – love.  It’s our business and our passion.  Love is an amazing driving force that can pull people together, mend hurt, and offer comfort.  It is the salve that keeps me going most days.

Today, as we struggle to understand such hate and violence, let’s focus on love.  It’s the antidote to hate and can help us start the process of healing and moving toward normalcy.  For isn’t that the best reaction to an anonymous act meant to disrupt innocent lives?  There is love in Boston, and there is strength in Boston. 

So here is love, so beautifully captured in photos…

Nora & Troy Photography | Ideas in BloomAW Photography | Ideas in Bloom | white and yellow wedding flowersJoanna Puza Photography | Ideas in Bloom | fall wedding flowersPhilbrick Photography | Ideas in Bloom | fall wedding flowersPhilbrick Photography | Ideas in Bloom | fall wedding flowersTyra Bleek  | Ideas in Bloom | fall wedding flowers  Photography by KLC | Ideas in Bloom | St. Andrews By The Sea Wedding Beth Wallace Photography | Ideas in Bloom | Margate wedding flowers  | Ideas in Bloom | outdoor ceremony wedding flowers Ned Jackson | Ideas in Bloom | outdoor wedding ceremony flowers Fat Orange Cat Studio | Ideas in Bloom | outdoor wedding ceremony

Collinsworth Photography | Ideas in Bloom | hydrangea ceremony flowers

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Flowers


Today’s overcast skies and chilly temperatures call for an emergency infusion of Spring, don’t you think?  Today’s Friday Flowers are brought you by my own garden and the blissfully warm temperatures we experienced early this week.


Seasonal Tips

All bulb flowers in the narcissus family, like daffodils, secrete sap that will clog stems of other flowers and dehydrate them.  If you are planning to use cut daffodils along with other blooms in arrangements at home, be sure to follow these tips for best results:

  • If foraging from your own garden, be sure to harvest your daffodils before they start to open.  You should be able to see a hint of yellow, but the bud should be tight (see below).  Daffodils have a short vase life, so cutting them early ensures your longest possible enjoyment.  This goes for other bulb plants (hyacinth, tulips) as well.


  • Once you have your daffodils, re-cut the stems (about 1/2 and inch to ensure they will drink properly) and place in cool water prepared with professional floral food.  If the water is warm, the buds will open faster and the flowers will go by quickly.   
  • Let the daffodils drink for approx. six hours.  This will condition them so the sap is less likely leach out into the water and effect other flowers
  • Do NOT re-cut the stems before you add them into an arrangement with other flowers.  Re-cutting the stems can start the flow of sap again.
  • It’s advisable to use floral foam when working with with daffodils, as the foam acts as an additional blocking agent for the sap.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Win Flowers for Your Wedding!

Win Wedding Flowers!Yesterday we launched a contest for our 2013 couples and it is really taking off.  So far Kristin & Phil are leading the pack, but voting doesn’t close until the 1st of May!  As long as your contract is in to us by the close of voting, you are eligible to win a free arrangement for your wedding (worth up to $150).

Voters must like the Ideas in Bloom Facebook page AND leave a comment on the contest post with their favorite couple’s name/s in order for the vote to count.


Best of luck!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Flowers – Easter Edition



While we wait for Spring to arrive in it’s full glory, I thought I’d take this opportunity to instate “Friday Flowers;” a weekly dose of beautiful blooms.

Today’s post is a little peek at our family Easter celebration.  After a week of last minute orders, we were left with 9 tulips.  No kidding.  Nine lonely tulips for three tables and food tables.  Not to fret, Pam came up with a refreshingly modern take on the traditional Easter arrangement.



modern tulip centerpiece | Ideas in BloomUsing a trio of low, clear cylinders, she wrapped flat pink wire around the inside.  The wire acted as as sort of unconventional frog to hold three winding tulips.  Perfect.

modern tulip centerpiece | Ideas in Bloom modern tulip centerpiece | Ideas in Bloom

We then gathered up the miscellaneous plants we always seem to have on hand, placed them in springy pots and viola!  Decor for the accent tables.

moss | Ideas in Bloom 

Happy Friday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Best of Bride 2013

 Best of NH Bride 2013


Happy April Fool’s Day!  No joke, it's time for the 5th annual Best of Bride online poll to recognize New Hampshire's bridal industry and the people who provide their customers with the best possible service. You can vote in more than 40 categories from April 1 until May 31.

We’d be so appreciative if you could take a few moments to write us in for best florist!  Remember, you must vote in at least 5 categories.  We hope you’ll support some of our industry favorites too, including Laurel Events (Bedford) and Tastefully Wright (Wilton).


Vote Now!