Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The garden, bursting with color

 Garden Gnome | Ideas in Bloom


Just like the sky tomorrow evening, our gardens are full of color bursts that certainly bring us joy and wonder.  I had a few extra minutes yesterday and took a quick tour through with my phone, snapping inspiration along the way.  One of my favorite parts?  This little guy peeking from behind clover.  Looks like he’s up to something, doesn’t it?

Won’t you join me for a stroll?





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We are often asked if we grow our own flowers.  Yes and no.  Cultivating AND designing is more than we can accommodate at the moment.  Our focus remains designing incredible events and weddings with the best product available.  When the opportunity arises for us to pull elements from the garden to incorporate into those designs, of course we take it.  Our poor Hostas always look a little sorrier for it!  We would love to have a larger cutting garden and it’s always on our wish list as we continue to grow and expand.  For now we enjoy the gardens for their continuous beauty and raid them on occasion.

Speaking of enjoyment, I hope you all enjoy the holiday and long weekend to follow.  I know we will!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello, July!

And hi to you too!  Thanks for hanging in there with us as we worked through our busiest June on record.  There has been plenty to follow on our Facebook page, but the blog has been a bit neglected lately.  It’s my July resolution to change that.  I can make that a “thing,” right?  Sure!

Amid all the weddings and celebrations in full swing this summer, we’ve also had a bunch of inquiries about the 2014 season.  We are so excited to meet and chat with all these new couples this month!  We look forward to returning to some of our favorite venues, including The Essex Conference Center and the Mountain View Grand, next year.

I’ve also noticed a new bouquet trend emerging as we plan for weddings ahead. We are known for our hand tied garden style bouquets, but more and more brides are requesting posies with an even more unique shape.  Loose and wispy organic compositions as well as elongated bouquet shapes are becoming more and more popular.  Couples are also eying greens and botanicals more closely as we discuss their wedding flowers. “Texture” seems to be the buzzword.  I love it!

What about you?  What’s your favored bouquet shape?  Classic rounded bouquet, cascade, crescent, garden, etc?

Yellow Cascade Bouquet | Ideas in Bloom | Catharine Morris Photography

Here’s a contemporary take on the cascade.  These two JUST celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary!

See you back here soon with new photos, real weddings and more!